Safety Concerns with Synthetic Smart Drugs 

There are plenty of safety concerns that you might have with any kind of supplement, but there is something even more risky – changing your brain chemistry. A lot of people feel that altering brain chemistry through the use of smart drugs is a risky choice. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to get as much knowledge as you can so that you can protect yourself from any long term damage that you might have to your brain or body.

concernedSynthetic drugs like racetams are often cited as a great place to start, but for some people they can be a red flag for danger. Because marketing attempts to make “natural” look like the best product have been so successful, people hear of a drug that is synthetic and it causes all types of concerns. Even though piracetam was discovered around 60 years ago and has a lot of evidence, people can still be concerned.

Any synthetic drug comes with a risk, but not unlike a natural product. Even though there are plenty of natural herbs that have been used for thousands of years, taking them in the wrong way or too high of a dose can be dangerous. Furthermore, cyanide and plenty of other natural products are definitely not good for your health!

The one safety concern you have to consider with synthetic drugs is where and how it is made. A lot of products on the smart drug market do not have any verification of the quality, which makes it hard to stay safe. That is why you need to look for third party testing and verification, which will let you know if a product is safe or not. With these tests, you will have some semblance of protection so you don’t have any damage to your brain or body. When purchasing nootropics, we use vendors that provide third party certificates of analysis, like Pure Nootropics.