The Dairy Industry and Their Dirty Little Secret

What most people don’t realize about the dairy industry in Minnesota and other regions of the midwest is that there are a number of problems they do not want to address for financial reasons. Every time they are alerted to something that could be problematic, it seems they try to hide it for a multitude of reasons.

The biggest complaint among those who are trying to change the dairy industry in the midwest is how they are treating the animals. Most of the factory farming with animals is not only immoral for the cows, but also highly problematic for the health of the product.

Health and Dairy

The vast majority of people who are using dairy products don’t realize that there is a big distinction between having a grass-fed cow and one that is fed grain. Usually the grain is corn and it is not healthy for the animal. As you can imagine, this makes their animal products (milk, cheese etc) not as healthy as well.

The problem with having a product that is not from a grass fed animal is that there are poor quality fats. The same problem that comes up with humans (they become fat) also comes up with situations where they are fed corn.

Most of the time, it is not a problem if they are fed grass. The whey protein from grass fed cows comes out much better and usually has a lot of health advantages over the long and short term.

Making Changes in the Midwest

Most people who are trying to make inroads in improving their health find that there are a host of different advantages of using grass fed animals. The majority of their dairy products sell for more and are becoming more mainstream now.

The people who used to unknowingly buy grain fed products are buying more grass fed and it makes a big difference. Whether you are an older person trying to reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy disposition or a younger person, it makes a lot of sense to get the right kind of health.