How to make exercising fun for kids using inflatables

In today’s world of technology many parents spend countless days trying to encourage their children to leave the video games alone and get outside. Playing in the yard is a right of passage for kids. They need to have the opportunity to spark their own imagination rather than have it displayed in hi-tech colors and fast-moving graphics via a gaming system. There are many ways that children can obtain exercise outdoors that is fun and creative. One fun and popular way is by exercising in an inflatable jumpers in Albuquerque. Exercising in inflatables will provide children with many health benefits outside of creativity and entertainment.

Benefits Of Bouncing In An Inflatable

  • Bouncing builds muscle tone
  • Bouncing can help increase lung stamina
  • Bouncing enhances fine motor skills
  • Bouncing burns calories
  • Bouncing burns energy
  • Bouncing is a heart-strengthening workout

Bouncing Builds Muscle Tone
Bouncing is extremely fun. If you take your child on a family jog, they may begin complaining within the first five minutes that their legs hurt or that they are tired. Have you ever noticed that when your child is in an inflatable you have to tell them when it’s time to leave because they are having so much fun? Getting in a 30-60-minute workout in an inflatable is a breeze for children and all of that bouncing helps build their muscle tone.

There are some fun exercises you can have them do that include more than just hopping around. These exercises will build muscle tone where you would least expect it.

Exercise challenges to build muscle tone:

  • Build core muscles by doing yoga inside an inflatable
  • Build arm strength by doing push ups in an inflatable
  • Build all over muscle tone by participating in a planking challenge while other people are jumping in the bounce house

Bouncing Can Help Increase Lung Stamina
Just as running trains a person how to breath in a perfect rhythm, so does bouncing. As we work out, we learn how to train our bodies to adapt to the work outs. When we start running, we may only have the ability to run for a half mile before feeling winded but after a few weeks we can easily run one or two miles. The same is true for children. As your child begins their bouncing exercise, they will build their lung capacity over time. Better lung capacity will also result in added duration for other sports and activities such as swimming, running, and even singing. To reserve visit Amazing Jumps, Tents, & Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bouncing Enhances Fine Motor Skills
If you have ever stepped foot in an inflatable then you know how much effort takes it to remain vertical. Children with poorly developed fine motor skills may find it difficult to walk around with falling often. As they become acclimated the inflatable, they will build muscle tone along with the fine motor skills necessary to be nimbler and jump around with ease. Reflexes will also naturally increase as children learn to balance and maneuver around various types of inflatables.

Bouncing Burns Calories
As with any type of exercise, the added bonus is burning calories. This does not mean that your child is over weight and needs to burn those calories but it does keep them fit and active. Children who do need to incorporate a daily work out routine for calorie burning purposes per their pediatrician will definitely enjoy the fun of bouncing around an inflatable. Adults can also get their daily work outs in while they play with their children in the inflatable. The number of calories burned is completely relative to the amount of time spent bouncing. There are many calorie counting apps that can be used for people of all ages.

Bouncing Burns Energy
High energy children often enjoy bouncing. Parents also love the added benefit of tuckered out kids. Bouncing is so much fun that we have to tell our kids when it is time to leave. They burn a lot of energy and are typically ready for a nap or a good night of sleep after some bouncing exercise.

Bouncing Is A Heart-Strengthening Workout
Cardiovascular exercises are great for increasing blood flow and oxygenating the blood. Bouncing, running, climbing and aerobics are all heart-strengthening exercises. Exercising several times a week in an inflatable will definitely get the blood pumping and enhance heart health.

How To Bounce
When it comes to bouncing in inflatables there are a few options to get your children active. You can visit an indoor inflatable playground and pay for an hourly fee, purchase your own bounce house that you can inflate at any time or rent one from an inflatable rental company when you want to incorporate inflatable bouncing exercise into your child’s routine.